Our Clergy Policy

Effective March 21, 2003

The Noble County Jail provides the opportunity for inmates to practice their religion on a voluntary basis, subject to the limitations necessary to maintain facility order, efficiency and security.

The facility provides the services of two (2) on-staff Chaplains who are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for assistance. The on-staff Chaplains will visit with any inmate upon request and will be available for contact visits with inmates as needed. Additionally, Jail Chaplains make routine weekly visits to the facility, provide religious services and bible study opportunities, to insure the religious needs of the inmates are being met.

The Noble County Jail allows approved visiting clergy, who have proper identification and authorization, to visit at reasonable and specified times.

Visiting clergy may visit any inmate upon request. Clergy are responsible to notify the Jail Staff by phone or written request prior to their arrival, providing the name (or names) of the inmates they wish to see. This will allow Jail Staff to schedule and have the inmate available upon their arrival. To contact the Jail prior to the visit, please call 260-636-2182.

Upon their arrival at the jail, clergy must have in their possession identification issued by the Jail Commander. The Jail Commander will approve only clergy who have supplied the proper documents to verify their religious training. The Jail Chaplains, if needed, will assist the Jail Commander with this process.

Clergy may visit with inmates between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and during the regular visiting hours noted here.  For clergy visitations there is a 45 minute time limit. This time may be cut short due to Jail Operations.  If you visit during normal visitation hours, the visiting time will be what is allotted for that block.

All visits will be non-contact visits (glass-to-glass) in the visitation booths.

To insure the safety of the visiting clergy, jail staff and the inmates, no clergy or representatives of any religion or religious order will be allowed visitation inside the secure area of the facility (cell block area).

Bibles, other religious writings, religious literature and religious symbols (such as a cross, rosaries, etc) can be left at the jail and will be given to inmates by Jail Staff upon the inmate’s request. These items are strictly limited to only items which are determined to be safe for the inmate to possess. No items will be allowed that could compromise the safety of the inmates and Jail Staff.

All church and religious groups will be limited to two (2) approved representatives. If these representatives are not ordained ministers, a written letter will be required from the church or religious group requesting that these persons be approved for visitation with inmates.

If a visiting clergy feels that a specific inmate needs service other than what can be provided on a non-contact basis, the visiting clergy will be responsible for notifying Jail Staff of the need and the Jail Staff will then contact the on-staff Chaplain to provide the requested service.

To contact the Jail prior to the visit, please call 260-636-2182.

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