Civil Process

The Noble County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division carries out the Sheriff’s statutory responsibility for the service of process and execution of
writs. These judicial process documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies and private attorneys in Indiana and throughout the United States.

Posted Papers

There are many different types of civil process paperwork that the Civil Process Officer serves each day. Many of the different types of the civil paperwork can be left at the door of the defendant or with someone at the residence other than the defendant. Another copy of the paperwork is then
mailed to the defendant, according to state statute. This type of paper is referred to as a “Posted”.

Personal Service
Paperwork that cannot be left at a residence, either on the door or with someone at the residence is called “Personal Service”. This type of paperwork is usually an order to appear, some type of restraining order, or some type of order that if an appearance is not made a warrant will be issued. If the
defendant is not home at the time that service is attempted, the Civil Process Officer will leave a note directing the defendant to come to the Noble County Sheriff’s Department to pick up his/her paperwork. On the note it will designate the name of the person the paperwork was for, and dates and times when the civil process paperwork can be picked up.

If you require the services of the Civil Process Division to serve a civil paper for you, certain fees are required and must be paid prior to any attempt
of service.
Civil papers from Indiana                          $28.00 per location
Civil papers from outside of Indiana       $60.00 per location


To serve the papers we must have a physical address (including APT or LOT #’s).

Civil papers without complete and proper information will be returned without service attempts.




Noble County Sheriff Dept.

Civil Process Division

Angela Baczynski

PO Box 22, Albion IN  46701

(Paperwork mailed to our Physical address will be returned to you by the post office)


Only TWO copies are necessary to send:

  1. All copies to be “Served” to the Subject should be STAPLED together and marked with an “S” in the top right- hand corner. Ex. Summons, Complaints, etc. etc.
  2. A “Return” copy will be only whatever YOU require to use as a “Return”. In most cases, only the top copy of the paperwork to be served. Do not include a “Proof of Service” form.   Our face sheet that is returned to you or the courts will be your “Proof of Service”.
  3. It is NOT necessary to send a “Mail” copy. If a copy is necessary to be mailed, We will make it. This saves on postage for everyone.
  4. A lengthy letter designating instructions is NOT necessary. A simple sticky note is sufficient.
  5. In most cases it is less work for everyone for the “Proof of Service” to go back to the Clerk of Courts. However, if you require “Return of Service” to be returned to you please indicate that on your sticky note, and provide a sufficient size envelope with sufficient postage. If paperwork is to be returned to the courts, please do not include company envelopes.
  6. Proof of payment, which is made thru the courts, should be included. However, proof of all court fees is NOT necessary. Only proof of fees due for Civil Process to our county.
  7. Local Fees:   28.00,       Out of State: 60.00

A “Notice to Quit” is $28.00 per residence. (2) Matching copies completely filled out are required with a CASH only payment in person, and will be accepted Monday thru Friday, (excluding holidays) from 8:00 am until 3:30 pm