Noble County Work Release Information

To further your awareness of the Noble County Work Release Program and to address any questions or confusion you may have relative to the application process, the following will outline eligibility requirements for persons wishing to obtain acceptance into the program:

Any person wishing to serve their time through the Work Release program must make an application and be accepted into the Work Release Program, prior to being sentenced through the court.

  • The defendant/applicant must make an appointment to pick up an application for Work Release at the Noble County sheriff’s Department.
  • The defendant/applicant must make an appointment to pick up an application for Work Release at the Noble County sheriff’s Department.
  • The defendant/applicant must return the completed application and appropriate fees to the Work Release Coordinator. (Fees = $30 drug screen fee, $50 county ordinance fee for sentencing through the Noble County Court System or $250 county ordinance fee for sentencing through any other court jurisdiction. These fees are non-refundable and must be paid by money order.)
  • After the application and fees have been received, an interview with the Work Release Review Board will be scheduled.
  • The defendant/applicant will be required to submit to a drug test on the day of the interview, prior to the interview. Provided the drug test is negative, the defendant/applicant will then interview with the board and will be informed at the end of the interview if he/she has been accepted or rejected for the program.
  • During the interview, the board will ask information relative to present employment, employment history, marital status, financial obligations, income, military service, substance abuse history and present status concerning same, and the defendant’s criminal history.

By following this simple guideline and meeting these basic eligibility requirements, the defendant will know prior to sentencing and/or plea agreement whether they will be allowed into the program. This is an easy process that simply requires some “up-front” work and some initiative prior to sentencing on the part of the defendant/applicant as to whether they are eligible and they will then be able to make an informed decision relative to any plea agreements entered into.

Please understand – no defendant/applicant will be considered until they have gone before the Work Release Board and this must be completed prior to sentencing.

At the same time, it is appropriate to provide you with information relative to non-eligibility. A person will not be eligible for Work Release if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Is currently incarcerated
  • Fails to pay required fees
  • Has been convicted of any form of sex crimes, any violent crimes, or charged with drug dealing
  • Has pending charges in Noble County or any other jurisdiction
  • Is employed in counties other than Noble, Lagrange, Steuben, Elkhart, Kosciusko, Whitley, Dekalb or Allen
  • Is employed by relatives, co-defendants, or any other inmate
  • Is employed where their work location cannot be verified
  • Is employed by primary duties involve the sale, handling or distribution of alcohol
  • Has previously violated terms and conditions of any work release program
  • Has been convicted of failure to appear, or failure to return to lawful detention or escape
  • Has history of prior disciplinary problems, while housed in general jail population
  • Makes a false statement on the application for work release
  • Fails any drug screen administered by the Work Release Program
  • Has been sentenced to less than 10 days or more than 4 years
  • Has been sentenced to DOC (unless a modification is in place when sentenced to DOC)

The Work Release Program is an excellent opportunity for the individual who qualifies and is serious about meeting all restitution requirements, court directives, maintaining employment and providing financial support for themselves and their family. Once the individual is in the Work Release Program, they simply need to comply with all rules and requirements of the jail and the Work Release Program.