School Resource Officer

The Noble County Sheriff’s Department, in cooperation with the West Noble School Corporation, established the School Resource Officer Program to provide law enforcement assistance to the school.

The SRO’s first duty is that of a sworn law enforcement officer; however, simultaneously strives to promote a positive interaction with students, parents, faculty and administrators. The SRO takes a proactive approach with students to identify those at risk, and if necessary, intervene with appropriate action to build healthy and trusting relationships.

Both the Noble County Sheriff’s Department and the Ligonier Police Department have officers assigned full-time to the West Noble School Corporation.


Multiple roles of the School Resource Officer

SRO’s provide programs on law-related topics. The emphasis of their presentations is on educating the students about the law and their roles in society.

SRO’s counsel students on a variety of issues, including mediation of anger conflicts, drug and alcohol concerns, physical abuse and other matters connected with the law. SRO’s interact closely with parents, teachers, and administrators to provide appropriate levels of information and student support.

Law Enforcement Officer:
The School Resource Officers work closely with the school administrators, parents, and judicial system to hold offenders accountable for their actions while not clogging the judicial system with cases that could be resolved within the school by alternative means.