N.C.S.O.G. (Special Operations Group)

N.C.S.O.G. TruckDue to Noble County’s increasing methamphetamine problem and the high-risk situations that police officers were beginning to encounter on a more frequent basis, then Sheriff Gary Leatherman decided to form this elite team in April of 2004.

Also in 2004 the Noble County Team joined Northeast Indiana Swat.  The team is comprised of Noble, Lagrange, DeKalb, and Steuben Counties.  This gave us the opportunity to provide more advanced services and responses in critical situations. The Noble County Special Operations Group operates under the authority of Noble County Sheriff Harp.

N.C.S.O.G. Patch

The main objective of the team is to take control of any situation that may occur where an officer’s or a citizen’s life may be in jeopardy. In addition, the team is frequently used to serve arrest or search warrants where the potential exists in which armed suspects may be encountered.

Each team member volunteered and was required to pass a physical fitness evaluation and firearm’s qualification requirements.

The NCSOG Team is comprised of multiple members from the Noble County Sheriff’s Department, including a Swat Medic from Parkview EMS. The team members are expected to maintain a degree of physical conditioning and firearm’s proficiency above that required of other officers. Training is conducted monthly and under a variety of conditions to simulate actual deployments. Mock scenarios designed for intense training conditions continually test each member’s level of physical conditioning, firearm’s proficiency with a variety of special weapons, and mental status under stressful conditions. THE NCSOG Team often trains with specialty teams from other agencies in surrounding counties to ensure a coordinated, well-trained response for mutual aid to a critical situation.

NTOA-logoThe NCSOG Team is also a part of the National Tactical Officers Association and Indiana S.W.A.T. Officers Association.

N.C.S.O.G. Team

  • Deputy Brian Walker (NCSD)
  • Sgt. Chris Moriarty (NCSD)
  • Jeremy Hammer (Parkview-Noble EMS) Paramedic
  • Ashley Gray (NCSD/KPD) Communications